Rocks and Clouds Zendo

Dear Friends,

1) Roshi is preparing for his annual winter trip to South America. 

This coming week will be the last week Roshi is with us before he leaves to South America on the 24th. So he will be with us on Wednesday 1/17 for the 7:00 pmsitting, tea, and talk, and he will be doing dokusan interviews on Friday 1/19 with sitting beginning at 6:00 am.

Roshi will return at the end of March, then go to Ohio for a week sesshin, so he won’t return to Rocks and Clouds Zendo for our events until the beginning of April.   Thus, there will be no dokusan from 1/26 through 3/30.

2) Wednesday evening meetings will continue.

While Roshi is away, I’ll be leading discussions and sometimes we will have guest speakers as we are able to arrange them.  On Wednesday, 1/24 I will be talking about Buddhist “trinities,” such as the 3 Treasures (triratna); 3 Refuges (trisarana); 3 Bodies of the Buddha (trikaya); 3 Own-Natures (trisvabhava); 3 Poisons (trivisa); Baizhang’s 3 levels of realization; etc.

3) Survey of Interest for a ‘Basic Buddhism’ class?

I’m wondering if anyone would like to participate in a series of classes/workshops on basic Buddhist fundamentals?  If there is interest I would be happy to present it. Such a series could happen at Rocks and Clouds Zendo on either Saturday or Sunday (probably mornings preferred) or on a Tuesday or Thursday evening.  If there is interest and people indicate a preferred time we could set a schedule.  I’m thinking of a once a month or twice a month schedule, and perhaps using a text like “The Way to Buddhahood” by Venerable Yin-shun Daoshi (1906-2005) as the framework for course material focusing mainly on the Indian roots and the Chinese streams of Mahayana Buddhism.   Please let me know if you are interested in this.


Cherish your life, it’s the Buddha Way,

Traditional zen practice in Sebastopol, CA