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Dear Friends,


(1)  MEMORIAL WEEKEND SESSHIN IS HERE!!!      Our annual Memorial Day Weekend Sesshin is this coming weekend. If you can’t sit for the whole sesshin, we really encourage people to take the opportunity to come for one day if you can. There is no substitute for retreat sitting practice.

Please let me know ASAP if you are attending and whether for one day or for the whole sesshin.
The dates and times are:
 Fri May 26th beginning at 5:55 a.m. tea, ending Mon May 29th at 12 noon. Daily schedule begins at 5:55 a.m. and ends between 8:00-9:00 p.m. depending on number of people coming. (See below for a full daily schedule.) The requested Sangha dana is $60.00 for the whole sesshin, or $25.00 for a single day. The amount of additional Teacher dana for Roshi is determined by the donor on ability to give. We suggest an amount equal to the Sangha dana. This is planned as a “commuter sesshin” with people returning home at night. However accommodations for out of town folks can be arranged.
The meals will be provided at the Zendo and eaten oryoki style with the bowls at place.  If you need a bowl set let me know.

Do you have any food concerns? Our meals are meatless (vegetarian with some cheese).
For those with long commutes do you need any accommodations, e.g., a place to sleep? If so how many nights?
We hope to see you for one or more days.
Reminder, you can come to Roshi’s talks on any day, we just ask for advance notice if possible.If you have any food issues just let us know and we will try to work them out.

At this time there is no issue with available space. So just let me know if you are planning to come and which days.



2017 Calendar

May Friday 26th to Monday 29th (ending at noon)– Memorial Day Sesshin This is a non-residential retreat but local accommodations can be arranged for people out of town.
June 18 – Zazenkai
July 16 – Zazenkai
August 20 – Zazenkai
September 17– Zazenkai
October 15 – Zazenkai
November 12 – Zazenkai

December Friday 1st to Friday 8th – Rohatsu Sesshin. This is a residential retreat.


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